Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Korea part IV

I thought I could have  finished blogging about my Korea trip by the end of January. But, I couldn't. I'm sorry. My activities didn't let me having spare time blogging.

Well, do I look different this time? I'm wearing Hanbok, Korean traditional outfit. The tour guide took us to the seaweed museum which second floor is for renting out Hanbok outfit and the hall is decorated for people to take pictures.

These are demonstrating mannequins of making the seaweed the traditional way long time ago.

I love the bamboo salt seaweed I bought at this museum. Bamboo salt's also known as a medication  purpose: anti-inflammatory effect, detoxification and sterilization, improve physical constitution and creating new cells.

In the afternoon, we had an authentic typical Korean dish. All are small dishes. Interesting!

After lunch, we went to Paju Premium Outlet. Nice outlet! Similar to the one in Orlando.

My warm and comfortable boots, Shape-Ups Sketcher. So, while I feel comfortable wearing these, I build more muscle in the same time.