Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The New Nancy Chiang

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dangerous! Shrimp with vitamin C

Seorang Wanita meninggal 'Mendadak' dengan 'Ke5 Panca Indera keluar Darah'.

There's a lady found dead suddenly with blood coming out of her five senses

Wanita ini ada kebiasaan minum Vit C tiap hari.
Ini tidak masalah.
Masalahnya malam itu wanita ini kebanyakan makan 'Udang'.

This lady always take a vitamin C everyday. But that's not the problem. The problem was she had plenty of shrimp that night.

Sebenarnya cuma makan udang saja juga tidak masalah..
karena orang rumahnya juga banyak makan Udang malam itu & tidak ada yg meninggal,,
In fact, eating shrimp is also not the problem because the people in her house had shrimps too and they were OK.

Tetapi,, krn udang itu mengandung 'Arsenic Pentoxide'
Berhubung habis makan udang wanita itu minum Vitamin C,,

But, shrimp contain Arsenic Pentoxide (As 205) and she had vitamin C after that.

Terjadilah "Reaksi Kimia"
di dlm perut yg membuat 'Arsenic Pentoxide' (As2O5) berubah menjd
Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3)....
yg sangat beracun.

Then, it created a “chemical reaction” inside her stomach which made. Arsenic Pentoxide turned to Arsenic Triovide (As 203) which is very poisonous.

Inilah yg Mengakibatkan....
• Hati,
• Jantung,
• Ginjal,
• Pembuluh darah rusak & melebar
• Usus Ber darah, 
....sehingga wanita itu meninggal dengan sangat mengenaskan dengan ke 5 Panca Indera 'Keluar Darah' saat itu.

That causes.......
• Lever
• Heart
• Kidney
• Broken and enlarged vein
• Ulcer bleeding
So, that lady died tragically with blood out of her five senses.

Jadi Hati-hati ! Jika Habis banyak makan....
• Udang,
• Kerang,
• Kepiting,
 Jangan minum 'Vitamin C' pada saat yg 'Bersamaan'.....!!!

In conclusion, be careful when you eat lots of ........
• Shrimps
• Shellfish
• Crab
......please don't take vitamin C in the same time.

Sedikit Tambahan, waktu  Seafood + Minum es Jeruk pada Saat yg Sama....

One more thing, when you eat seafood, please don't drink orange juice.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Delicious Family Gathering

Another family gathering with good food. So good that I only got the chance to take the first two courses. Then, we enjoyed the food so much and forgot about taking pictures of the next meals. Hahahahah.

On Warren: clutch, Gucci; shoes, Staccato

On me: clutch and shoes, Nine West

My mom found my old pleated pants I had since college. It brought me sweet memory and I decided to wear them with my new vest.
Vest is one of my favorite collections. I bought it in my favorite boutique, CDLC by Maroon at Atom Mall. There's another one in Galaxy Mall.

Shark Fin


Restaurant: Kapin, Surabaya.