Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pasar Malam Buffet @Bumi Hotel+Charles Birthday

Bumi Hotel is formerly Hyatt Regency hotel Surabaya. At 6 o'clock every evening they have a thematic buffet, Pasar Malam where they create every food corner like the one in regular pasar. By the way pasar malam means night traditional market in Indonesia. As you can see on the pictures they have a cosy ambiance. All the food are authentic Indonesian food including the snacks and the desserts. They have pecel (Indonesian steamed vegetable with peanuts sauce), all fried food varieties, barbecued fish head and chicken, soto, tahu campur,ronde, angsle etc. Even the coffees and teas served in traditional way. Almost all the food tools are also the old style. It brings out our old memories. Nice....
I love the atmosphere where I can take my family and friends hanging out there, even my kids love it. I invited my spiritual mentor, Charles Lerrick who's having his birthday. Also, my other brother and sister in Christ, Adi and Susan. It's been a while I haven't seen them. They are all people who devoted their lives to Jesus by showing love and passion to the help the others in family healing. They lately helped this couple who fought all the time before. But now after they patiently counseled them and prayed for them, this couple are reconciled and even their relationship with their parents are great now. Praise the Lord!
Later, I have this story how I know Charles the first time.