Sunday, January 15, 2012

My 18th Anniversary & a note from David, my husband

This is my 18th anniversary. Time goes super fast. My kids now are already 10 and 12 year old. This time,we celebrate with our kids. Our lives couldn't be better. We thank God for how He takes care of us day by day and His endless grace's always all over us. Every day is a miracle to us.

Jacq teeth turned all black eating the squid ink pasta. We all laughed watching each other's teeth. Hahahaha

I'm wearing a detachable apron-like collar. So I can match this collar to any other t-shirt in any other color. For me, it's a smart invention. 

A note from David:

Happy anniversary!

We just celebrated our 18th anniversary this week! We had a lovely dinner with our sons. We shared our meals. We shared our stories about our life. We shared some jokes. And, most importantly we shared our love with each other. That’s pretty much why we enjoy every moment in our marital life. We share and we enjoy together whatever we have. We believe that sharing everything will keep us more united and bonded as a family. Also, sharing would keep everyone at the same level of importance in our family. Be that as husband and wife, but also as parents and children.

Surprisingly, I kind of feel that our children being a little bit older now , show more support in our romance life. They always want to see that their parents loving each other, holding hands, showing affection and so on and so forth. They seem hurt themselves if they feel that we are a bit harsh with each other over a disagreement between my wife and I. I am so happy that they felt that way.

These past 18 years of our marriage were not always smooth sailing. And, the years to come may not be free of storms and thunders. However, I believe that this bond of love that we have will stand it all because we have got each other’s back. And we are really looking forward as we grow old together that our children will continue this value in their life.

David Widodo
(Tio Piauw Seng)

Restaurant: La Rucolla; Apron-like collar: Maroon (Galaxy Mall)