Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vivi' s Engagement Party

At this party, honestly I'm not too happy with my outfit. After I put it on, I just felt it's not me. Well anyway, I am happy that the dresses worn by the others ( the ones you see in the pictures below) look nice. All of them are made by Nancy & Warren Couture. I like Gwen's dress the most. (My cute niece with black and white checked dress) She loves the dress.

I also post Warren's clutch that she design herself inspired by her black gathered lace Christian Louboutin shoes. The clutch's nice but she couldn't wear it together with the shoes because it's a standing party. She's afraid if she's standing on them too long the shoes will give her so much pain. They're very high, pointy and no platform.

I enjoyed the little cupcakes made by Theresia (Warren's sister in law) There were three flavors: tiramisu, chocolate and cheesecake. Yummy.....

I always like standing party because I can just jump here and there meeting people and hang out while at the sitting down party we just sit and watch what's on the stage not to mention sitting in the same table with people we don't know. So, this is the chance I meet all the people I know and catch up each other. Fun....

Decoration : Steve Decor.
Event Organizer: Wedding Bells Planner