Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The New Nancy Chiang

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Thank you all for reading and following me! This blog has growing every day and has reached 10k readers, meanwhile my facebook reached  xx members. I'm hoping to bring more sophisticated information for all of you to come.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dangerous! Shrimp with vitamin C

Seorang Wanita meninggal 'Mendadak' dengan 'Ke5 Panca Indera keluar Darah'.

There's a lady found dead suddenly with blood coming out of her five senses

Wanita ini ada kebiasaan minum Vit C tiap hari.
Ini tidak masalah.
Masalahnya malam itu wanita ini kebanyakan makan 'Udang'.

This lady always take a vitamin C everyday. But that's not the problem. The problem was she had plenty of shrimp that night.

Sebenarnya cuma makan udang saja juga tidak masalah..
karena orang rumahnya juga banyak makan Udang malam itu & tidak ada yg meninggal,,
In fact, eating shrimp is also not the problem because the people in her house had shrimps too and they were OK.

Tetapi,, krn udang itu mengandung 'Arsenic Pentoxide'
Berhubung habis makan udang wanita itu minum Vitamin C,,

But, shrimp contain Arsenic Pentoxide (As 205) and she had vitamin C after that.

Terjadilah "Reaksi Kimia"
di dlm perut yg membuat 'Arsenic Pentoxide' (As2O5) berubah menjd
Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3)....
yg sangat beracun.

Then, it created a “chemical reaction” inside her stomach which made. Arsenic Pentoxide turned to Arsenic Triovide (As 203) which is very poisonous.

Inilah yg Mengakibatkan....
• Hati,
• Jantung,
• Ginjal,
• Pembuluh darah rusak & melebar
• Usus Ber darah, 
....sehingga wanita itu meninggal dengan sangat mengenaskan dengan ke 5 Panca Indera 'Keluar Darah' saat itu.

That causes.......
• Lever
• Heart
• Kidney
• Broken and enlarged vein
• Ulcer bleeding
So, that lady died tragically with blood out of her five senses.

Jadi Hati-hati ! Jika Habis banyak makan....
• Udang,
• Kerang,
• Kepiting,
 Jangan minum 'Vitamin C' pada saat yg 'Bersamaan'.....!!!

In conclusion, be careful when you eat lots of ........
• Shrimps
• Shellfish
• Crab
......please don't take vitamin C in the same time.

Sedikit Tambahan, waktu  Seafood + Minum es Jeruk pada Saat yg Sama....

One more thing, when you eat seafood, please don't drink orange juice.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Delicious Family Gathering

Another family gathering with good food. So good that I only got the chance to take the first two courses. Then, we enjoyed the food so much and forgot about taking pictures of the next meals. Hahahahah.

On Warren: clutch, Gucci; shoes, Staccato

On me: clutch and shoes, Nine West

My mom found my old pleated pants I had since college. It brought me sweet memory and I decided to wear them with my new vest.
Vest is one of my favorite collections. I bought it in my favorite boutique, CDLC by Maroon at Atom Mall. There's another one in Galaxy Mall.

Shark Fin


Restaurant: Kapin, Surabaya.

Friday, April 20, 2012

My so talented Michelle Quan

Look at these gorgeous models! My beloved friend, Michelle Quan is the make up artist. An energetic and super friendly girl. You'll think the same thing if you meet her in person. She always makes women look beautiful and flawless. She herself has an awesome flawless skin too. You can see her in the last picture of this blog.
Enjoy her works below, friends!

Michelle Quan and me.

Wedding Gown: Nancy&Warren Couture (click here)
Make up artist: Michelle Quan (click here)
You can email me if you want her contact address.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The night of Oxcy Radio Launching

Last post was about rehearsal of the fashion show in the afternoon (click here).  I'm sorry that it took me a long time to blog about the actual event, the Launching of Oxcy Radio.
The main show of this event is Afgan's concert ( one of the popular singers in Indonesia right now).
Other than that, there's Andin (also one of the famous female singer), dance group, stand up comedian, Vonny's daughter perfomed in violin and our fashion show. It was a cool night. We're glad, we can be part of it :)

 This picture below, we're with the madam, Vonny ( wife of the owner of Oxcy Radio)
Look at my weird hairdo compare with these two ladies. I coudn't explain exactly what I wanted to my hairdresser. I have problem doing that. But, I didn't have time to wash and fixed it. It was too late already.

Warren, me, the choreographer (Agung), and the models backstage.

With the make up artist, Susan (Mizu Academy)

Ring: H&M, Clutch: Zara

Glittery Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Chanel

Event: Oxcy Radio (click here)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's join World Prayer Assembly 2012 (Better Future)

Lots of things happening in this world, like natural disasters, poverty, chaos, economic crisis, bad morality in kids and young generation, global warming, etc. 
Banyak hal yang terjadi di dunia ini seperti, bencana alam, kemiskinan, kekacauan, krisis ekonomi, moral yang rusak di dapati dalam genereasi anak-anak penerus bangsa, pemanasan bumi dan banyak hal lainnya.

As we concern about those things, we still have hope for a better future. I mentioned before in my previous blog about how I fall in love with South Korea (click here). This country experienced a huge transformation after they decided to pray in unity for the nation. Now you can see South Korea has been changed completely. 
Walaupun kita prihatin dengan semua yang sudah disebutkan di atas, kita masih mempunyai harapan untuk masa depan yang lebih baik. Saya pernah menulis di blog saya sebelumnya "Mengapa saya jatuh cinta kepada Korea Selatan." (buka di sini). Negara ini mengalami transformasi besar setelah mereka mengambil keputusan untuk berdoa bagi bangsa mereka. Sekarang saudara dapat melihat Korea Selatan sudah berubah total.

We can change the situation with our unity in prayer.
This time, World Prayer Assembly will be held in Indonesia in May 17th 2012. Thousands of believers of all denomination will gather together in national stadium in Jakarta for a massive prayer meeting.
Read more information : 
Kita dapat merubah keadaan dengan bersatu dalam doa. Kali ini acara WPA ( Doa Sedunia) akan diadakan di Indonesia tanggal 17 Mei 2012. Ribuan pemercaya dari berbagai denominasi akan bergabung doa bersama-sama di stadium nasional di Jakarta serentak juga di ratusan kota masing-masing.
Baca informasi : 

Video with English Subtitle

Video in Indonesian

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Family Outdoor Pics ( by Bali TATI Photo Studio)

We really thank Christien and Titien (photographer and choreographer of Bali TATI Photo) for doing the beautiful family pictures on us. They are the second generation of TATI Photo which has been in the business for quite a long time.  What a lucky man is their daddy having daughters like them:) Well, I 've actually blogged a little bit about this last year, but those were taken by our own camera and was more about me and the restaurant.

These are the two sisters: Christien and Titien.

Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali and Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant
Photographer: Bali Tati Photo Studio

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Morning Rehearsal (OXCY RADIO Launching)

Nancy & Warren Couture were invited to sponsor a fashion show in the launching of Oxcy Radio 107.5 FM. The owner's wife, Vonny is  one of our customers. When she offered us this opportunity, we only had approximately one month to prepare.  So, these are pictures during the rehearsal with the models in the morning.

As usual, Warren showed up with her madam look wearing a printed chiffon dress from our own collection from Nancy & Warren. She's always be the " Madam", I'm always be the casual one as you can see in my previous post. 
Bag: Hermes

I on the other hand chose to be more comfortable and casual by wearing my Mango jeans, little bolero by Ozoc (old, but I  still love it) and my beloved clog by Charles & David.

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Dream Bag

FINALLY....., I got what I've been dreaming for handbags. I recognized this Miss Sicily bag from Andi Toress's blog (Style Scrapbook) I fell in love. But I hadn't had the the chance to go overseas. So I waited for a while. Indeed, I searched for handbags like crazy but I still love this one the most.

What catches my eyes was the gold hardware for the straps. It has two different loops, one for handle strap and one for shoulder strap.
Also the new version of this bag has a bag zipped pocket that you can put your ipad in. 
I'm very picky in choosing my bag. My rule to buy bag is not only fashionable and pretty but it has to have a functional purpose and comfortable to me:)

Bag: Dolce & Gabbana, Jacket: H&M, Scarf: Massimo Dutti.