Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Based on Black

This is the first time that Warren (my sister in law and also my partner in business) are going to a wedding party without husbands. Her husband is not feeling well and mine still have a late business meeting. So both of us take Gwen, Warren youngest daughter with us which happens to be useful because she's the one who takes a picture of us. Not bat huh, for a seven year old girl :)

Warren is wearing a maroon chiffon blouse with flower corsages as the ornament of the neckline. And, Kwanpen clutch which she put extra swarovsky crystal on the gold detail.

I'm wearing a long black pleated dress with a flower embroidery on the chest. I feel so comfortable wearing this because it's loose fitting so I don't have to sit straight inside the car and also I can eat a lot during the party. Hahahahah.

This is the back of my dress which I put layers of pleats as the design for the back.