Monday, October 24, 2011

Bebek Tepi Sawah (Bali)

One of the purpose of this Bali trip is doing a family outdoor photo shoot. My partner in Bali, Tati Photo happened to ask me if we want to have one and I asked my husband. Then I was surprised when he said yes. When I told my sister in law and cousins, they even teased me if I'm about to a very late pre-wedding pictures. hahahahhaha. We indeed didn't have pre-wedding photo shoot cause this such thing were not too popular long time ago when we got married.
So my partners in Bali who're also photographers decided to choose this restaurant Bebek Tepi Sawah as one of the locations for us doing photo shoots. The results is not done yet, so I'll upload the family pictures next time. This time I just wanna share about this restaurant.
I like the place where you can eat nice food with a view of rice-fields. The place's is pretty huge with trees and lots of greens. I feel like I can spend time there the whole afternoon. But during holiday season, the place is very crowded during lunch time. Luckily, they got us a perfect table just next to the rice-fields.
What a perfect afternoon! Thank God.

Tank top: Next, Batik Skirt: Nancy Warren couture, Bracelet: Maroon Boutique (Galaxy Mall II).