Friday, October 7, 2011

Suckling Pig

Every time we go to Bali we always treat ourselves with Suckling Pig. There are four places that we usually like, but I only post two of them this time. One is Warung Pak Dobiel at Nusa Dua (first four pictures). The other one ( the last two pictures) is we order the whole pig from this particular place. So we have to call first to order and pick it up.

Poor pig..... The Good thing having the whole pig is you can always choose the leaner part. I we order the rice plate, of course some of the fat's still attached to the meat. Unfortunately, every year we go to Bali the price is going up but still cheaper than other places. You can ask me the phone number if you want.

Tips: My doctor told me to drink 2 extra virgin olive oil if you are aware of your health after eating this suckling pig. I hope it works. Hahahahaha. Good luck!