Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enjoying Bali

Gosh... I feel so guilty for taking a long time to finish uploading my Bali trip. I got extremely busy. My partner had to go overseas to buy some supplies. Plus, I got pre-typhoid fever last week that paralyzed me for doing anything. Finally this week I can slowly get back to my normal routines. Thank God!

When we planned this Bali trip, David said he wanted to just lazy around in the hotel and not wanting to go anywhere. But as usual, something always comes up and we end up going out all the time. This time we take my son's best friend and his family who owns furniture and interior company to the St Regis Bali Resort family to get inspirations of new ideas for their business. Nice hotel, but I think it's more suitable for the adults. It's quiet there and so hot that day. I make sure my family's wearing all cotton based clothing for the comfort reason. Well, It was a nice hang out with other family though.

I'm wearing my own brand for the blouse, white cotton skirt from Zara, wooden necklace from a store @Galaxy Mall ( I forgot the name of the store), bags from Ck, and sandals from Zara.