Sunday, November 13, 2011

Feyloon Chinese Restaurant, Bali

Every time we go to Bali, Chinese food is never on my own lists because I always want to try more of Balinese, European, Middle Eastern and Western food since it's hard to find the authentic ones in Surabaya. But, my David is different. Even he's very adventurous in food, he always wants to have once or twice of Chinese food during holiday. Well, the last day in Bali, we finally have Chinese food at Feyloon Restaurant. It turned out to be different than other Chinese food I had before. They're served simple but delicious. If you see the pictures it may look ordinary. But in fact,they taste so good. Actually, they have lots of other delicious food, but we don't order shell fish. My family avoid shell fish due to allergic reason and cholesterol. Too bad huh :)

Grilles Eggplant with Salt

Sauteed Vegetables with Garlic

Minced Beef Seaweed Soup

Deep Fried Pork Rib "JIng Tu"

Stewed Fresh-Water Turtle

Steamed Loofah with stock Fish Superior

Fried Sticky Rice with Chicken and Dried Scallop

Steam Fish