Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My hairdresser & make artist

This is the engagement party of Evy's daughter,Marina. I'm wearing a one shoulder lace blouse and a velvet long skirt from Nancy Warren Couture.

Evy Soenardi is my hairdresser since 1996. She's the only one who knows exactly how to work with my hair and even I don't have a haircut for the next eight to nine months. The layer still look nice, yet easy to manage.
She's always energetic & full of passion. Long time ago before I was a believer, she always gave me her testimonies how awesome and miraculous is Jesus until she introduced me to Charles. ( I mentioned this in my older post about Charles and how I became a believer) Long story short, she was one of the people who brought me to a serious journey with Jesus. 

This picture below is Angela my make up artist and her daughter, Nissi. She's also Evy's niece by law. At the end of this post I have a little story about her.

This is Greta, Evy's nephew's wife. She's also one my customer. I designed her wedding dress few years ago. Now, she has two daughters. Wow! time goes so fast.

Sequins materials now is very popular in the market. I' so happy I got this material, then I quickly design a clutch out of it. It's simple but I put more detail attached to the zipper's head. For now, this is my favorite clutch.

I knew Angela a while ago. Not long after I became a believer. We repented from the same church, and still the same until now. She and her husband, Nico are like my own siblings. Her uncle, whose Evy's brother in law took Angela to our church. At that time, Angela was still having doubt about Jesus. So one day, the glory of God was upon all the people in our church, some of the people have gold dust on their palm and some of them have oil dripping out of their palm. So when the preacher asked the people who had oil dripping out of their palms to come forward and pray for the sick people. Angela checked on her palm and she found out that her hand is full of oil. So, the preacher took her hand to lay hand to some people and those people were all fell in the Spirit. She was shocked but from that moment she understand that Jesus is real and full of glory. Also, She met Nico in our church, got married and have three wonderful kids. Next time I will tell you story about Nico.