Thursday, December 1, 2011

Me and the Mini Dress

I rarely wear a very short skirt. This time I dare myself to wear one even I'm not too confident with my thigh. Since the top part is a little bit loud, I thought people will focus on the top and not on the bottom. The funny things is my eldest son said,“ Mom, don't wear a mini skirt, your thighs look big.” The little one said,“ You're talking foolish. That's not true.” And I asked him,“ So Jacq, which one looks better on me, short one or long one?” It took him a while to answer me. Then he said,“ Both!” I guess maybe he also thinks that long one is better, but he's the type of person who doesn't like to hurt other people's feeling. He's like his dad, he knows exactly what women like to hear. Hahahahah

Hand made flower dress: Nancy Warren Couture