Thursday, March 22, 2012

Morning Rehearsal (OXCY RADIO Launching)

Nancy & Warren Couture were invited to sponsor a fashion show in the launching of Oxcy Radio 107.5 FM. The owner's wife, Vonny is  one of our customers. When she offered us this opportunity, we only had approximately one month to prepare.  So, these are pictures during the rehearsal with the models in the morning.

As usual, Warren showed up with her madam look wearing a printed chiffon dress from our own collection from Nancy & Warren. She's always be the " Madam", I'm always be the casual one as you can see in my previous post. 
Bag: Hermes

I on the other hand chose to be more comfortable and casual by wearing my Mango jeans, little bolero by Ozoc (old, but I  still love it) and my beloved clog by Charles & David.