Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year


My dad in law always invite his sisters and their families to have dinner together before the day of the Chinese New Year. It's a great opportunities for us to catch up with each other. What a lovely evening! As a family, we value family relationships a lot. David's dad is the eldest in the family, he always gives good examples for all of us to care about each other so much. He's like the problem solver in our big families. 

Here I post our outfits and delicious food we had.

Me and Warren.

Warren is wearing our own design by Nancy&Warren Couture.

Warren with her sky-high gold glitter Christian Louboutin.

Gucci clutch

This is me and Mee Djin. She's David' s cousin. She's also a fashion designer like me. Tough woman. One day I'll write about her. You'll be amazed by her testimony.

Me, Mee Djin and her daughter.

Lobster Salad

Shark Fin

Roasted piglet.

Abalone with broccoli.

Gindara Fish

Seafood deep fried noodle.

Mango desert.

 Clear lychee jelly dessert.

Restaurant: Tang Palace (JW Marriot hotel, Surabaya)