Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Traditional Fabric-Batik

This traditional Batik is actually a scarf. Usually Batik comes in brownish/ natural colours. But I love this particular one because it's black and white which looks more modern to me. I can wear it in different ways as you can see them below. So I put 2 straight holes (using buttonholes stitch) like I mark on the scarf pictures lined on the floor. You'll see I put it on in many ways. You can use this ideas to any scarf/ fabric too. I hope it's useful for you.

In above picture, I just simply put it on as scarf with clogs so it looks very more modern and doesn't look like traditonal at all.

In this picture, I slip my arms into the holes so it's like a long loose blazer.

I can also tie in the middle part on my tummy area and it looks more feminine plus more mature.

Personally,I like this one more than the other looks because of the slimmer look with the belt.

This time, I pull all the fabric to my shoulder over the belted tank top. Just for another idea.

The first two looks I wear clogs to have more casual looks, but the ones I wear my Dior stiletto to look more formal.

Blouse/scarf: traditional Batik. Tank top:Zara. Jeans:Zara. Belt: Raoul. Clutch:Banana Republic. Clogs: Sportsgirl Australia. Stiletto: Christian Dior.