Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bali Huge Wedding

Why do I call it huge wedding? The bride and the groom invited thousands of people to attend their party at Sally's father's new hotel in Bali, The Rich Prada. Most of the guests don't live  in Bali, so the couple provided all the accommodation for all of them in some other hotels since there were not enough rooms in their own hotel to accommodate all the guests and not to mention all transportation for all of them too. They had a booth with team who welcomed the guests at the airport to show them in which hotel they're placed. Even there was an event organizer doing all the arrangement, but still it must have been complicated to organize thousands of people.

They hired the wedding decorator from Jakarta to fill the two ballrooms in the same time and, they even imported some food from Singapore. Some make up artists are from Surabaya and Jakarta to buff all the ladies in their big families.Etc......

Most of all, I think it's one huge miracles to make this beautiful party happen successfully. For example, the day before was raining and they worried that it was going to rain on the wedding day. But with the help of some friends who prayed for this party, everything just went well according to their expectation. Thank God!

The Wedding Cake

Sally' s big family