Saturday, January 21, 2012

Korea part II

Look at me! I look like a walking pillow with my puffer jacket. This was our second day, my body still shocked with the sub-zero degree temperature. I had to wear this bulky boots to keep my feet warm since I did my mistake wearing the other boots to Nami Island that afternoon. It's far from what you call it fashion,huh? 
All I care was keeping my whole body warm.

In Alpensia ski resort, there are many hotels. There is also Holiday Inn. But we stayed at the Intercontinental hotel. It was the right choice. As we entered the lobby, we could feel the warm and cosy atmosphere. We loved it.  One day, we want to go there again and stay longer on the mountain. 

This pictures below was the view at the ski area at night. I wish I took more pictures, it's beautiful at night.

My husband took these two scenery  below from our room balcony. I love watching the white snow every where.

You know, we  studied in Boston where it was snowing during the winter, but we never went skiing at all before. In the beginning of our study in Boston, there was a student from Surabaya had an accident and died on the way of his trip to play ski. My dad in law happenend to know his parents. So, we were forbidden to play ski at all during our study there. So this Korea trip was our first time learning how to ski ever. Too late huh? I'm older now. They say it's easier to learn every thing when you are younger, especially in sports. We hire a coach for the whole family.  Nice guy, but I think he lost his faith in us since he found out after  two hours lessons we chose to play snow slide instead of continuing  practicing  skiing. My body was aching especially my back. it was harder than I thought :)

I think I fall in love eating Korean food. I gained two kilograms when I was there.

Bibimbap in a hotstone bowl.

This dish below has pork intestines, tofu, dumplings and vegetable in the sup. It's spicy and tasty. Hmm...... Yummy.

This restaurant serve Korean beef. Korean beef is different than the beef in other countries. Usually, they are fed with corn, but in Korea they feed the cow with hays.
But I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture of the beef. Too busy eating at that time. Hahahahah

I found out the salads in some Korean food restaurants are very different than the ones in any other countries. They taste so good and fresh.

I usually eat yukhoe (raw beef salad) always with egg yoke, but I found out some places serve yukhoe without it. Great! I personally don't eat egg due to allergy reason.

Location: Alpensia Ski Resort, Pyeongchang, Korea.