Friday, August 12, 2011


This is a wedding reception of Anang & Debby. Anang is Ellyna's brother. Ellyna is one of my business partners in Monte House ( we have a beads store at Atom Mall, Surabaya). I & Warren designed the dresses worn by Ellyna, her sisters and their mom.
The bride & the groom only invited close friends & families. So the atmosphere is very warm and cosy. It's nice. Everybody had fun.

Anang & Debby (the groom & the bride)

Cupcakes for every guest.

Me, Ellyna and her nephew (little cool boy)

Ellyna and her sisters.

Me and my partner in business who's also my sister in law, Warren Tsang /Warren Tjandra. Next time,I'll talk about her.

Notes about marriages:

I've been married for almost 18 years. I got married so young when I was 19 years old. It's only by God grace that we still live happily in love now. It was indeed not easy to get married too young like us when we were more emotional and selfish. There were tough times when my expectation was too high for our marriage. Like most young girls dream for a Cinderrela's wedding when they think after they get married with the person they love, everything will be perfect and beautiful. Unfortunately, that's not what happen. After a while, here comes more obvious differences, they find things they don't like in their spouses. Then, they try to change each other instead of changing themselves. Blaming each other and the worst thing, getting bitter to each other.
I admit I was a spoilt brat who always wanted everything's done my way. I didn't like other people did things not according to my will. I get disturbed easily. With that kind of character, It's hard for me to be thankful. I was demanding. I expected my husband, David to be this and that.
When I started my relationship with God, I found some basic truth about relationships, it applies in marriage too. I have to sow good seed in order to reap good fruits. For example: it's impossible to have fruits of mangoes while you plant watermelon seeds. So I began to do nice things to David. I do things that I know he'll be pleased. Even, sometimes I admitted I didn't do it sincerely. It was hard in the beginning. But, I pray everyday asking God to give me strength to do it. Also, I ask God to fill me full with His love so I can love my husband unconditionally since God loves me unconditionally too. We have to learn to love our spouses in goods and in bad. After day by day, months by months, I noticed his changes. He started doing things that I like. Nowadays, we just keep doing things that we know we gonna get each other happy. That kind of joy is more than gold and precious stones. And now, I'm so proud having him as my husband. Thank Jesus!
In conclusion: Don't try to change other people, we are the ones who have to change first. "And just as you want men to do to you, you also so to them likewise." (Luke 6:31). The good news is you can always apply this to any relationship. What a beautiful world when people love and care about each other......

God bless you