Monday, August 8, 2011

Refreshing @ Kampoeng Kidz +me with the turban.

Kampoeng Kidz is a place where provide learning and giving experiences to become entrepreneur for kids. Often lots of schools send their students for a retreat there. They can learn about many kinds or farming activities like fish farming, rabbit farming, goat farming, chicken farming and dove farming. They even have mining and art gallery as parts of the learning program.

Two weeks ago we pick up our eldest son for two night retreat at Kampoeng Kidz. He enjoyed it. He learnt how to be independent organizing his own bed and clothes. He even told us when there's a crusade for the students, he cried because God has touched his heart. I'm very happy he experienced that. I know exactly how it feels when God touches my heart, indescribable though. Joyful,peace,secured etc. He's a good God. I'm glad that both of my son understands that they have to have the fear of the Lord. Cos we know each of us have our own self righteousness, that's why we tend to go towards ways where we ourselves don't understand. But when we have the Spirit of the Lord, we know we always ask God to lead us the right path for our paths and that must be the right path to go. Thank you,Jesus!

The fish pond where the students are allowed to crazily soaked inside it to catch the little fishes with their hands. The were laughing and giggling. So much fun!

Rabbit farming.

Goat farming.

Art Gallery

Large Hall where the students learn to build up a Tamiya car model.

Food Hall

Gazebo where they can hang out.

This is my relaxed day where I must wear something comfortable. So finally I can wear my FitFlop the whole day and turban to avoid my hair flying from the wind. I made my own cotton tank top. It's just basic tank top but I add an extra piece of fabric with 20 cm width attached in front to add flair look on my tummy area. I rarely wear this kind of a super relaxed outfit due to my daily activities during the weekdays and Church on Sunday.