Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lien's birthday @Bakerz In +her article.

I have this group of mommies. We are like sisters already. We are sisters in Christ I would say. We know each other inside out, discuss things and even pray for each other in order to support each other. What we have as relationship is beautiful. Since it's Carrollien's birthday, she wants to give testimony, I'm sure it'll become blessing to some people who reads it.
I also upload our favourite menus at Bakerzin. Everytime we have gathering, most of the time we go there since we don't meet up too often due to our busy schedules.

It's pesto sauce pasta with veal. Yummy! It's not as heavy as the one with the cream sauce.

It's flaky pizza. Very different than any other pizza cos the crust is like puff pastry.

This pasta with the sausages is spicy. It's Shierly's favourite (the one with glasses) It's soooo good.

Carrollien's note:

On the subject of Mother-in-Law

Mother-in-Law has been a constant grievances among married adults for as old as human civilization. Both men and women seldom can avoid this matter of what they pleasantly called now as Monster-in-Law.
I would like to share you one truth that God has told me, and this truth has truly set me free. Let me take you through these steps,and hopefully I may bring you to a closer understanding of my meaning.
First, our own mothers are not perfect mothers. Therefore,God gave us "another" mother through our spouse. Our spouse's mother is INDEED NOT our own mother. They are there with all their "difference" to complement the picture of a mother figure in our life. We are conditioned to be the "better" child.
Secondly,why is it important for us to get this complete picture of motherhood in our life? It is because God love our children and our future children. Provided that you as a mother have accepted this truth about motherhood, your children shall be brought up with a better version of motherhood than what you alone without learning from your mother in law may become. In short, you will be operating on motherhood 3.0 instead of type 2.0.
Thirdly,this truth work likewise for the mother who begot a daughter in law or a son in law. I hope we all can say it out loud that we have not been the perfect mother for our children. This particular person that comes through the marriage of our children as their spouse is placed in our life to help us to upgrade ourselves to motherhood 4.0. God is polishing us to be the mother he meant us to be.
There maybe a million ways suggested on how to mend the broken relationship between in-laws, but this is the thing that God has given to me today. God is really always working for the goodness for the people who love Him. Let us stop looking at the oddities and the quirkiness of our in-laws.
I encourage you to try to see your relationship with your in-laws through this new paradigm. I pray that this simple thing shall set you free too.

Carrollien Widiawati